Jyväs-Hamppu is a product brand of Suomen Hampputuotteet Oy (Finnish Hempseed Products Ltd). The persons behind the name are Mikko and Vesa. The company was established for the need to fill the market with the healthiest, cleanest and most ecological food that fits all. In parallel the company aims the improve local networks and bring nutritious hemp to the everyday kitchen table.

Jyväs-Hamppu team

Mikko is the farmer and producer from Oravasaari and among others his farmlands provide the hemp for Jyväs-Hamppu.

Development coordinator Vesa if active in many areas of society. He is responsible for the financial activity.

Additionally the team consists of Eetuwho has a vast range of knowledge on hemp, and trainee Sanna, Maiju and Emma who is marketing the products in social media. The graphical design if maintained by Mari.

Our Story


In Oravasaari hemp is far from being a new thing. There are remarks in Jyväskylä municipality history from the 19th century in which the Finnish Household Association encouraged hemp cultivation by organising harvest contests in Central Finland. Several estates from Oravasaari participated these competitions in addition to Harjula estate, the homestead of Mikko. He is an agrologist aside from being an entrepreneur in our company. Harjula and several other estates in Oravasaari have a history or more than 400 years.


Already during his agrology studies Mikko had interest towards special cultivars that could improve the profitability of small-scale farms. He had considered hemp previously but the decisive factor was found through a new CSA (community-supported agriculture) farming group in 2013. Vesa, team-mate of Mikko sew Finola hemp seeds into a small patch and the growth was explosive! The amount of seeds harvested by hand from the area of just few square meters was remarkable. Vesa hesitated to inform Mikko about the hemp cultivation since he feared that Mikko would not approve such test - there were still strong prejudices towards the plant. Fortunately the fear proved to be in vain. In 2015 Mikko had already sown Finola seeds around the CSA patch covering a patch of several hectars which produced a decent harvest. Such lush growth!

First two years Mikko sought information on processing options and pressed hemp seed oil and its side product, hemp flakes for sale for friends, acquaintances and in small agricultural fares. Another person who was part of JuurikasJKL, Eetu, got enthusiastic about hemp seed product business joined a retailer company Hamppumaa under which our company was established in the summer of 2018. The initial goal was to replace imports with locally produced Finola-seeds. As a result of a thorough organizational change Suomen Hampputuotteet decided to continue as an independent business.


In the first half of 2020 our company went through a sort of rebirth and got its own web site and marketing channels and it participated in an European hemp product competition along with the sparring event KasvuOpen for start-ups. In the sparring the company was found to master the facts on hemp processing and the uniqueness of its business. Corona pandemic cut the sales to restaurants and canteens temporarily but the sales to individuals started in this time through local food sale community REKO. Since this transition more and more people are interested in our products and they are ordered as valued business gifts. Our efforts to restructure the production and distribution network of local food in modern ways and in respect for clean and diverse nature have not gone unnoticed.


For us the local economy means a lively countryside, networking between the city and the surrounding countryside, pleasant, natural and diverse habitat in which we all feel the strength in cooperation, sharing and developing our expertise. We want hemp to be a part of daily meal routines as products and as an ingredient in restaurant and canteen meals - using as short supply chain as possible. We are developing a working practical delivery model in which the hemp and other healthy plants find their way from the fields to the table with ease, in a transparent way and in constant flow.

We strive to support local ecologic and sustainable entrepreneurship by creating a network which can utilize the hemp in thousands of possible ways in products and services. Our business network will enable a shared resource production line site where small-scale production is easy to test and start and several companies can utilize the same equipment in their own preference without considerable large capital investments. This way the burden to the environment is minimized, the share of local production in the economy is maximized in foods, textiles, papers and in construction materials.

Hemp serves various positive purposes and so do we, the local entrepreneurs! With your support we can initiate the develpoment that employs as much as thousands of people in Middle-Finland and puts the economy on a sustainable track.

By selecting Jyväs-Hamppu products you are acting sustainably
  • Supporting sustainable food culture development
  • Embracing healthy lifestyle
  • Relying on high product quality
  • Supporting domestic and local small-scale producers
  • Increasing demand for nutritious hemp
  • Supporting the continuous innovation around hemp
  • Caring for the overburdened earth and the atmosphere by choosing a low carbon footprint