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KasvuOpen second sparring day completed

At the end of summer season we joined a webinar in August 18th with resourceful start-up companies to continue the development of our business network. This day also featured an hour of mutual sparring between the participants. As a summary we created several new contacts to persons and companies part of which could help he hemp industry rise to its rightful position in our society.

As you might already know the most promising 15 participating companies will proceed to a final event in October 28th and 29th . Two of the best companies already cleared their way and we are thrilled to hear our position from the jury of the event in October 8th. We thank the organizers and our sparrers for the event - whatever the outcome might be!

Marketing COMPANY

KasvuOpen first sparring day

Pitch 2 min / presenting ourselves to the sparrers in KasvuOpen start-up event

We, the entrepreneurs finally made our first promotional video clip in which we shed light on numerous opportunities in hemp business.

The first day of KasvuOpen offered us ideas and coaching from five different entrepreneurs. We got positive feedback from our expertise in our field and the product quality. According to them we had put a thorough thought on our business network and our sustainable business model.

Now we are in need of aid in marketing and sales. The best way is to buy our products and tell your friends and acquintances about them.

Let's promote hemp together!

Announcements COMPANY

Suomen Hampputuotteet Oy participates KasvuOpen growth funding campaign

We have been selected among companies with stong growth potential KasvuOpen growth funding and partnership programme for bio and circular economy growth path. Our potential is in local economy and exports.