Hemp Shampoo

This hemp shampoo bar produced in cooperation with Artanttila is made of our own hemp seeds and virgin rapeseed oil whose seeds are cultivated in Laukaa. 

Hemp Shampoo bar
6,50 € / pala (80 g)

Hemp Shampoo

Hemp Shampoo is suitable for a daily wash of hair and body. It moisturizes and leaves the hair clean and shiny and is therefor good for treated and dry hair. The usage also helps the scalp to recover from skin problems due to the positive effects of hempseed oil. 

Hemp shampoo can be used for washing your body and you can be delighted of the lovely feeling on your skin! Note: avoid the shampoo from getting into eyes which can cause irritation.

Odorless, additive-free, clean domestic product with hempseed oil as its main ingredient. Differs from other similar products by higher hemp content.

Sodium Hemseedate (hempseed oil), Sodium Rapseedate (rapeseed oil), Hemp seed, Aqua, Citrid Acid.

Country of origin: Finland