Hemp chips

Hemp chips are tempting and healthy snacks. They are mildly salty and are suitable for coffee table, a tea moment, as dessert or relishing.

Note: the product contains gluten.

Finnish hemp seed, oatflour, ryeflour, water, salt.

You can consume hemp chips as snacks as they are or with spread or vegan cheese.

Stored in dry place in room temperature.

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Hemp chips
5 € / pouch (70 g)
Hemp chips
7 € / pussi (100 g)

Nutritional content / 100 g
Energia: 345 kcal / 1442 kJ
Hiilihydraatti: 33,4 g
– josta sokereita: 1,2 g
Rasva: 13,4 g
Proteiini: 14,9 g
Suola: 1,2 g

Country of origin: Finland
Features: lactose-free, vegan, additive-free